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Since he was 18 years old, Bruce Fazio has played tennis and enjoyed following the sport as a fan. Although Bruce has played the sport for most of his life, over the past five years he has focused on training for national singles and doubles tournaments. As a result of his hard work and skill, Bruce has traveled throughout the country for various competitions.

One of the most attractive aspects of playing tennis is the competition. Bruce Fazio believes that a winning a tennis match depends on mastering the mental game. Bruce has trained all of his life for the sport, and he is confident in his physical ability. Yet, the mental game is still difficult to master. During a match, a player cannot let his mind wander if he intends to win the game. It takes willpower to focus on the game and ignore unrelated thoughts. Bruce finds it helpful to keep his attention on his breathing between sets and think about strategy.

When it comes to professional tennis players, Bruce admires Roger Federer. For over 20 years Federer has been on the pro tour, and he consistently appears at the top of the Association of Tennis Professionals ranking system. Bruce finds Federer’s ability to play at a championship level on a regular basis inspiring.

Tennis is a fantastic form of exercise. When friends that are interested in tennis ask Bruce Fazio for advice, he encourages them to find an accomplished teacher that can help them learn the sport. Taking lessons should be a fun experience—not a struggle. If the lessons aren’t fun, then it’s not likely that the student will focus on the sport for long. Besides the physical benefits of tennis, the game also teaches players some lessons that they can use in their career. Tennis teaches players to think, strategize, and not give up. Bruce has won numerous games by employing creative thinking—the same sort of thinking he applies to his career as a real estate developer.

One day Bruce Fazio hopes to play at Indian Wells, California where the Indian Wells Masters tennis tournament is held each year. If Bruce’s team makes it to the national level, they will be able to travel to Indian Wells to compete in the finals. Every year Bruce enjoys watching the US Open which takes place at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows in New York City. He thinks the stadium’s courts are some of the best in the world.

Besides tennis Bruce enjoys playing soccer as well. He has played the sport since he was a child.  Today he mostly plays local games when he has the opportunity. His favorite position to play is midfielder because it allows players to play both offensively and defensively.

Bruce Fazio is currently a real estate developer based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Over the course of his career, Fazio has been involved in nearly every aspect of the real estate industry from construction to investment. To learn more visit his Professional Overview website.